RemTech Europe


RemTech Europe, International Conference and Exhibition on land and water remediation markets and technologies, is scheduled for 19-23 September 2022. The first two days of the conference 19-20 September will be fully digital, and broadcasted in streaming. The other three days 21-23 September will be hybrid so in presence but also broadcasted through RemTech platform.

The aim of the Conference is to share information on knowledge, innovation and case histories, to encourage the development of remediation processes and the application of new and sustainable technologies and bring together experts, problem owners and suppliers of available services and technologies. RemTech Europe also provides a platform for discussion between stakeholders. The agenda is rich and is designed to promote the sharing of knowledge and intercommunication between all relevant parties. It involves all leading European stakeholders but it is open to all other Continents. The conference is fully in English. The annual RemTech Europe conference takes a snapshot of the European market and the development trends.

One of the scope of Remtech Europe is to spread know-how and technologies worldwide and for this reason, the participation of any attendants is completely FREE OF CHARGE.

It is promoted by RemTech Expo, the most important Italian event on remediation technologies and European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) is part of the scientific committee.



1. Susthainathon; 2. Characterizing Soil Health; 3. PFAS; 4. HRSC; 5. Vapor Intrusion; 6. Mining Sites & Coal Mines; 7. Waste to Energy; 8. Geothermal Energy; 9. Landfills; 10. Climate change & Soil nexus; 11.  Ports & Megasites; 12. Radioactive Sites; 13. Military Sites; 14. Wastewater Treatment; 15. Sediment Management; 16. Remediation; 17. Contaminants; 18. Justice; 19.Innovation; 20. Sensors; 21. Microplastics; 22. Diffuse Pollution; 23. Nature based solutions; 24. Accident Prevention; 25. Human Health biomonitoring; 26. Circular Economy; 27. Due Diligence; 28. DNAPL & LNAPL Remediation; 29. Runoff Treatment; 30. Distressed Real Estates.


If you share the aim of RemTech Europe to spread knowledge for free, you may donate here through Paypal. We will use the money yearly, for making prizes for best young speakers. Link a Paypal con pulsante“Donate”


RemTech Europe together with AESAS, Profonanpe and Peruvian Environment Ministry (Minam) and Peruvian Ministry for Energy and Mining (MINEM) are organizing an event for 15th February 8:30-13:00 Peruvian Time (14:30-19:00 CET), free to attend "Remediation of sites contaminated by hydrocarbons in remote areas". If interested, register yourself here with a valid email in the google form
Download the full program LINK



RemTech Europe will host “Sustainathon 2022” between 20 and 21 September 2022 - a 24 hour marathon starting from 12:00 UTC of speakers from around the world who will brief us on how their countries are linking sustainable  remediation  and  sustainable  water  use  to  their  progress  on achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), focusing on SDGs no.11 and no.6.
Government and other public sector speakers from countries across the globe to speak at a time convenient to their time zone and thought leaders from national and international organisations to host each of the 24 one hour slots. Each hour long session will comprise 2 -3 short presentations followed by questions from the audience and the occasional special contribution.

CALL FOR ABSTRACT (Deadline: first call May 31, 2022 for NGOs Academics Public Administrations - second call June 30, 2022 for Private Companies)

The call for abstract will be released in February 2022. To submit your abstract and participate in the official sessions of RemTech Europe, you may use the official SIMPLE ABSTRACT TEMPLATE (LINK). If you wish your paper to be considered also for a scientific publication with IEAM-SETAC without any cost for you, please use EXTENDED ABSTRACT TEMPLATE (LINK)

To submit your abstract and participate to the official sessions of RemTech Expo, please download the FLYER  with the Call for Abstract (LINK) and the official TEMPLATE (LINK)



RemTech Europe, one of the largest international conferences in Europe to focus on remediation of contaminated sites, and the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, a professional organization that publishes Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management (IEAM), are pleased to announce a 5-year partnership agreement to publish applications of science and new knowledge arising from research presented at the annual RemTech Europe