General Description

RemTech Expo is the exclusive international and permanent event specialized on remediations, coasts, floods, clime, seismic risk, urban regeneration and sustainable industry. It is composed by nine topics: REMTECH and REMTECH EUROPE remediations of contaminated areas, requalification, COAST coastal protection, ports, sustainability, ESONDA hydrogeological instability, floods and landslides, GEOSISMICA  seismic risk, prevention, reconstruction, INERTIA sustainable works,  materials, circular economy, RIGENERACITY urban regeneration, and social housing, CLIMETECH climate changes, mitigation, adaptation, CHEMTECH innovative and sustainable industry.

It is characterized by a complex exposition of products, instruments and services, highlights events, technical, technological and scientific conferences, workshops, seminars, brainstorming, permanent working groups, training courses for operators, authorities and decision makers, international bilateral meetings, lots of networking activities, schools, academies, international hubs and innovation clusters.

Among the latest activities of the last editions there are: the organization of permanents public-private Tables of Snpa and RemTech Expo; the organization of Live Demonstrations with the presentation of the most innovative technological solutions for the environment; the Award ceremonies, Degree, PhD, Innovation, Smart Port, Smart River, Land Management, Green Procurement, Planning, Geomatics, Circular Economy, Poster Contest; the improvement of the Networking events; the strong driving force towards Internationalization.

RemTech Expo is aimed at a big and qualified COMMUNITY, composed by government authorities, public institutions, supervisory authorities, private companies, innovative start up, universities, research centers, associations, experts. The European Commission, the Environmental Bicameral Commission, Ministers, the Italian Trade Agency ITA-ICE, Snpa National System for the Environment Protection, Ispra High Institute for Environment Protection and Research and the Extraordinary Government Commissioners are key players among the partners of the event.

The PROGRAM of the appointments is always focused on: normative evolution, characterization, analysis, risks, technologies, research, innovations, monitoring, territories, works, industries, sustainability.

Year after year Foreign DELEGATIONS, composed by selected publics and private interlocutors, take part to the event with bilateral meetings, workshops, roundtables, in order to start business relationships. Among the non-European Target Countries, China (3iPET Technology Platform), India (Indian Confederation Industry), E.A.U., Azerbaijan, Russia, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, South Africa, Brazil.

The Agenda is rich and articulated and aims at sharing, knowledge and application of the most innovative technologies and intercommunication between supply and demand.

STRONG POINTS that permit to RemTech Expo to be an innovative fair is  the capability to combine ideas, products, projects and solutions with moments dedicated to the analysis, the interchange and the meeting among demand and supply.

During the event and all year long, exclusive BENEFITS are available to companies, including the possibility of: use external space to expose large equipment; to hold a presentation in the official, national and international conferences; have an equipped meeting room (60 seats) for one hour to organize an exclusive technical meeting; be involved in projects and technical tables; participate in bilateral meetings and roundtables with foreign delegates (buyers); to attend MeetInRemTech by night, a moment heard and expected, organized every year in a selected city context in order to facilitate relations between the parties; to be involved in an information and communication system through all the available tools (web page, newsletter, mailing, #social networks, etc) and new special offers coming from the collaboration between RemTech Expo and specialized media partners.

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