Scientific Coordinators

Ana Paya Perez, RemTech Europe

She has a degree in Chemistry at the University of Murcia and holds a Masters in Agrochemistry at the University of Alicante (Spain). She is specialized in the fate of chemicals, transport, processing and toxicity of pollutants in the soil. She works as researcher at the Joint Research Center of the European Commission in Ispra (Varese), giving support to policies concerning soil protection in Europe and international multilateral environmental agreements (UNCCD, CBD, UNFCCC). She is currently Vice-director of the "Resources of the Territory" unit and coordinator of the working group on contaminated sites and "brownfields" of the European EIONET network.

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Igor Villani, RemTech 

Head of Contaminated Sites Unit – SAC Bologna in ARPAE Emilia Romagna (Environmental Agency Emilia Romagna Region). He received two post-graduate MASTER course in Environmental Managing and Environmental Risk Assessment by the University of Ferrara. His main activities focus on institutional control of remediation process and management of contaminated sites, on the development of new strategies for land management and risk management. He has contributed to the drafting of national environmental guidelines and he is part of the scientific committees of national environmental congresses. He holds university lectures and specialized courses. He has published more than 50 contributions to journals and conference proceedings.

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Andrea Zamariolo, Coast

47 years old, graduate in Geological Sciences in Ferrara and Ph.D. in Applied Geology. For 11 years engaged in academic research on the coasts and on the protection of the coastal environment. Since 2005 he is the owner and CEO of Anfibia S.r.l., CEO of Explore S.r.l. - Academic spin-off of the University of Trieste, engaged in the field of land surveying in particular of coastal and port areas. Since 2010 he has been Coordinator of the Coast Expo Scientific Committee, the sector focus of RemTech Expo. Social commitment, sport and volunteering in Geo.Pro.Civ., Complete the picture of interests.

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Filippo Maria Soccodato, Esonda

He is partner at I.A.T. Ingegneria per l’Ambiente ed il Territorio Srl in Rome, He is project manager in the field of environmental, structural and geotechnical monitoring. He is chief manager in planning innovative solutions stemming from the most advanced research works at international level. Over the years, He has been working with a number of University Departments, also implementing new integrated software solutions in advanced GIS logic. Since 2011: Chairman of the AGI (Italian Geotechnical Society) Technical Committee on "Suggested Methods for Geotechnical Monitoring"; Coordinator and Lecturer of the ”G&S Monitoring Course” at Master “Geotechnical Desing”,  Sapienza University of Rome. He is currently cooperating with Universities, Public Authorities, industrial groups and leading private companies in research and development projects.

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Gianluca Loffredo, Geosismica

In 2004 he obtains a PhD in Physics studying an X-ray lens prototype and by reaching a patent with the Prof. Filippo Frontera (Enrico Fermi award). Later he graduates in Civil Engineering and he establishes Archliving an Engineering and Architectural Company with a permanent staff of 35 professionals of which he is director and general manager. He is also the author of numerous publications in both fields of Physics and Seismic Engineering. He is speaker in many conferences regarding seismic risk management and he is consultant of the Italian Industrial Association concerning the evaluation of the risk assessment in the industrial sector. In the recent years he has been the scientific coordinator of a research within an agreement between the University of Ferrara and the Emilia Romagna railways in the field of railway risk management. In the last years he begun a process of internationalization of Archliving by consolidating partenrship with canadian and south african companies.

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Stefano Cicerani, Inertia

Business consultancy in the waste management sector. Design and authorization process of recovery and disposal plants. Advice to construction companies regarding waste management on site. Management plans for excavated earth and rocks. On-site activities of characterization of excavation materials. Training for companies and professionals in relation to waste management. Advice to transport and asbestos removal companies.He was the National Secretary of ANPAR (National Association of Recycled Aggregate Producers). Now he works at the Department of Environmental Sustainability of Roma Capitale.

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Diego Carrara, RigeneraCity

Political Sciences Degree at University of Bologna. Previous work experiences: Municipality of Copparo (Ferrara), SIPRO Development Agency-Promoter on the territory of the Province of Ferrara of the activities related to Objective 2", Consultant for the creation of a nucleus of consortium. From June 2004 to January 2008 - Assessor for Activities Productive, Welfare, Housing Policies and Volunteering of Province of Ferrara, from January 2008 to June 2009 – Assessor for Productive Activities Industrial policies at the Telematic Plan, at the University and Research of the Province of Ferrara. From 1 January 2011 - General Manager ACER FERRARA (EmiliaRomagna Company Company) with functions, competences, responsibilities and powers of signature as defined by the Company Statute approved by the Conference of Entities and by the power of attorney deed drawn up by a notary.  

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Massimiliano Fazzini, Climetech

Geomorphologist and climatologist, he is currently professor of Climatology and climate risk at the Universities of Camerino and Ferrara; focuses its research on the relationships between climate changes and effects on morphoclimatic and morphodynamic systems, as well as on the effects in the socio-economic and tourist fields, with particular regard to cold physical environments and urban microclimates. He is part of the bureau of the Association Internationale de Climatologie; he is a scientific communicator at the most important national media and is author-coauthor of about 150 publications, mainly in international scientific journals.

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Giorgio Merlante, ChemTech

Over 25 years of experience in multinationals for various positions of technical and business responsibility, also in the international field. Since 2009 he has been managing director of engineering and research services companies, with offices in Italy and Romania. He is also the Managing Director of a management consulting company accredited by the MiSE to provide internationalization services. Involved in business development projects in the services sector, consumer goods and technologies, in international markets. Restructuring of small and medium-sized businesses and business developers. It manages some Business Networks and various temporary associations of companies to provide jobs in the field of services for public works. Active on the territory at the institutional level as Chairman of Federmanager Ferrara for the three-year period 2016 - 2018. Scientific coordinator of the Chemtech Innovation initiative at Remtech Expo. Initiativ linked to the development of business initiatives in the Circular Economy. Degree in Chemistry and Network Manager, competence certified by RINA in 2015.

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