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Opening hours: 9.00 a.m.- 6.30 p.m.

Technical Meeting Programme

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Wednesday 20th of SEPTEMBER - - Morning


10.30-11.30 - SALA C
The Information System for Remediation Consortiums: a PA best practice in Marche Region
Organized by: ETT S.p.A. e ldp progetti GIS 

11.30-13.00 - ROOM C

Use of passive samplers for environmental monitoring and focus on application of analytical thermodesorption technique
for air environmental measurement
a cura di: BIOCHEMIE LAB s.r.lin collaboration with EUROFINS Analyses pour l’Environnement France – EAEF

13.30 - 14.30 - ROOM D
Providing Concrete (CAM) - Presentation of Atecap-Icmq Guidelines for Concrete Producers
Organized by: Atecap-Icmq

Wednesday 20th of SEPTEMBER - - Afternoon

14.30 - 16.30 - ROOM D
Workshop on Sino-International, Intelligent, Integrated Platform for Environmental Technology 3iPet Italy Platform
How Italian enterprises could join to the environmental technologies Chines market
Organized by: RemTech Expo


Thursday 21st of SEPTEMBER  - - Morning

09.30-10.30 - ROOM C
AMV solutions for the project of interventions on existing buildings. The reinforcement techniques
Organized by: AMV s.r.l.

09.30 -10.30 - ROOM B
The steelMAX construction system. The technology of thin, cold-formed steel profiles for safe, efficient and comfortable construction
Organized by:  COGI s.r.l.

09.30 - 10.30 -  ROOM D
High resolution aerofotogrammetry as a tool for territorial analysis and design of works
Organized by: Studio Dryos

10.30-11.30 -  ROOM C 
NEBASVE-Innovation BioRemediation Technology For Groundwater & Soil Treatment


10.30-11.30 -  ROOM B
Chlorinated solvent treatment: study cases, factors affecting the performance and development of new products
Organized by : REGENESIS

10.30-11.30 -  ROOM D
Vulnerabilità sismica degli impianti: tecnologie e preventive
Organized by
 BOLDRIN s.r.l.

11.30-13.00 - ROOM C
1° session: Innovative Remediation Biotechnologies for the Twenty-First Century
2° session: Surfactant enhanced push-pull method for in-situ remediation of petroleum contaminated soil and groundwater
Organized by BAW s.r.l.

11.30-13.00 - ROOM B
New and advanced in situ recovery technologies for aquifers contaminated by recalcitrant organic compounds and heavy metals: Recent cases of Italian and European applications
Organized by:  PEROXYCHEM LLC


11.30-13.00 - ROOM D
Seismic vulnerability testing for sects and nuclei in c.a.
Organized by: ENEXSYS S.r.l.


 Thursday  21st of SEPTEMBER- - Afternoon  

14.30-15.30 - ROOM B
Seismic adaptation with energy isolation and dissipation

14.30-15.30 - ROOM C
The marking of recycled aggregates and the Minimum Environmental Criteria for Procurement.
Organized by: ABICert

14.30 -16.30 - ROOM D
Workshop on Brasil remediation market
Organized by: RemTech Expo

16.30 - 18.30 - ROOM D
Workshop on Turkish Ministry of Environmental guideline on remediation
Organized by: RemTech Expo

15.30-16.30 - ROOM B
Structural reinforcement and seismic insulation of buildings
Organized by: G&P INTECH s.r.l.

15.30-17.30 - ROOM C
BIM's contribution to design, construction and post-earthquake analysis. Computer and technological evolution

16.30-17.30 - ROOM B
Numerical models for the water world
Organized by: DHI s.r.l. 

17.30 - 18.30 - ROOM C
Sismabonus - a possible application path
Organized by ISI - Ingegneria Sismica Italiana

Friday 22nd of SEPTEMBER - - Morning

09.30-10.30 - ROOM C
Genius Seismic Coat: Integrated solution for seismic and energetic retrofit of existing buildings
Organized by: 
ECOSISM s.r.l.

09.30-10.30 - ROOM B
Fornaci Calce Grigolin in the world of structural restoration


10.30-11.30  - ROOM C
The knowledge of the existing structures: numerical modeling in support of in-situ survey
Organized by:  NOVATEST s.r.l.

10.30-11.30 - ROOM  B
Seismic joints for isolated structures with fire protection
Organized by: TECNO K GIUNTI s.r.l.

11.30-12.30  - ROOMC
Seismic Vulnerability with MIDAS Software
Organized by: CSPFea s.c.

11.30-12.30  - ROOM D
Strategic Partnership Mares-Fugro on Technological Innovation.Membrane Interface Probe:
Advantagescase studies and future developments
Organized by: MARES  S.r.l. and FUGRO CONSULT Gmbh

11.30-12.15 - ROOM B
Problems with Registry, Formular, MUD and Sisters? PrometeoRifiuti is the solution. Real Cases and Software Demonstration
Organized by: Informatica EDP srl

12.15 - 13.00 - ROOM B
The expert sampler of waste, for better environmental control, also with the help of electronic instruments
Organized by:  FOLDTANI s.r.l


 Friday 22nd of SEPTEMBER - - Afternoon

14.30-15.30 -  ROOM C
New NTC Practice: Applications in PROSAP
Organized by: 2S.I. Software e Servizi per l’Ingegneria S.r.l.




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